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Our Mission, Zero Emissions.


Transportation, the lifeblood of our global economy and way of life, goes beyond the purpose of getting from one place to another.

It fulfills our economic needs to complete business deals to further enhance our communities and economic development. It enables us to thrive on our social and physical needs to see our loved ones face to face and maintain our human connection with others.

And now, more urgently than ever, transportation must be utilized to resolve our essential need to advance on ‘Our Mission, Zero Emissions’ movement in an effort to save our planet, our future, our humankind.

We are an eco-conscious movement of ZERO EMISSIONS advocates providing economical and eco-friendly automotive transportation solutions with a higher purpose.

Join the #omze movement.


Our Team

ecoRIDES is led by a group of passionate entrepreneurs, brought together by the idea that we can build the best transportation company in the world. We all believe genuinely in conscious capitalism, and businesses that do the best for people, planet and profit. 


Jason Guanzon

CEO and Co-Founder


Cameron Tulloch

Chief Operating Officer

Blake Belcher

Business Development Lead - Niagara Falls

John Hennessy

President and Chief Strategy Officer

Cory Michalyshyn

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Suarkeo

Business Development Lead - Los Angeles

Charles Paquin

Chief Information Officer and Co-Founder

Jor-El Manalo

Business Development Lead - Toronto Region


Embedded In Communities

By using a co-operative approach, we establish partnerships with the eco-Conscious; Limo, Taxi and ride share operators who are aligned with our ZERO EMISSIONS movement to form North America’s largest eco-Alliance. United together, we offer an exciting, modern GREEN CAR service with a greater purpose.

Our Guiding Principles



Our “Conscious” community is growing as we continue to advocate and practice to the best of our ability, Conscious Capitalism principles within the door to door transportation and service industries.


Purposeful and Producible

We’re out to build relationships and inspire a unified higher purpose to help mitigate climate change and improve the quality of air that we breathe creating impactful progressive change for people, our planet, our future.


We’re in this Together

We accomplish more collectively than we do individually. Based on the values of trust, equality, equity and solidarity, we foster entrepreneurship and bridge independent business owner partnerships for the greater good.


Green Car Service With A Purpose

Our love for our planet, for the animals that inhabit it and our dedication to help improve people’s quality of life inspires us to advocate for a green lifestyle and become major influencers in the sustainability, zero emissions movement.


Join the #omze Movement

Simply put; Our mission, Zero emissions. We collaborate with those who align with our mission of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and wish to make our planet a cleaner, safer place to live. Join members of corporations, hotels, airports, concierge and events teams, and others who are already part of the eco-Alliance.


Tech Enabled 6 Star Service Standards

We’re qualified, trustworthy and prompt. Feel at ease knowing that we’ll get you to your destination safely, comfortably and in a timely manner. Customize your rider personalization preferences directly from our ecoRIDES app and allow us to provide you with professional level standards.

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Reliable, Friendly and Efficient

Our mobile app allows anyone to instantly book a Tesla, or other EV, with just a few taps on their smart device. Passengers receive real-time transportation estimates and have the ability to communicate with their pre-scheduled, trained, friendly eco-driver. Choose between our mobile ecoRIDES Partner App or corporate portal to create and track reservations on behalf of your guests or team members.