Investor Relations

We have proven unique points of competitive advantage. When compared to existing ride share operators we are differentiated by providing a premium customer experience and using only zero-emission vehicles.
After 24 months of laying a foundation with unique ride share insurance, municipal permits and anchor corporate customers, we have validated our business model and available market.


Current Investors

Investors who currently own shares in Eco Rides Inc. receive email updates directly from the executive team. Presently our ownership group is made up of founders, family and friends, and accredited investors.

Our financial information is not published for public use. 

Current investors can find information on our previous and upcoming update calls by logging in to the secure site. 

Future Investors

Eco Rides Inc. is currently engaged in it's second round of capital raising. Like our previous round, only family, friends and accredited investors are permitted to participate, and so no public solicitation information will be made available.

However, please subscribe if you wish to receive email updates about the growth and future capital raising opportunities at ecoRIDES,